What does the MoWiz app consist of?

It is an app that offers you all the options to park using your mobile phone. With MoWiz you can park in regulated parking areas (ORA, Regulatory Ordinance on Parking), public car parks and private car parks.

In the case of regulated parking, the MoWiz app works as an alternative, more comfortable payment method than parking meters. It connects to the platform of the local government in order to notify the system about the tickets obtained by the users with the necessary data for the controller to check that the vehicle has paid the corresponding fee (licence plate number, parking area, start time and end time of parking).

In the case of public and private car parks, the MoWiz app allows for communication through the Bluetooth of your smartphone with an intelligent device located in the car park. The device only allows for the entries and exits to be accessed by users of the app who have a valid pass or reservation for the day and time in which the connection is made.

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